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We are “Ammask Health North America Inc.“ a newly established Canadian-made 3-layer disposable non-medical face mask manufacturing factory in Toronto, Canada.

Our product is a 3-layer disposable face mask, which is designed to promote good respiratory hygiene such as use for cough etiquette, for use when physical/social distancing is not possible, and to help reduce the spread of germs and stops you from touching your nose and mouth. They are also good at filtering out pollen and other allergens floating in the air. For people with allergic rhinitis or allergic asthma, who develop symptoms after breathing in allergens, face masks can be really helpful. It also can be useful in all kinds of industry to cover any harmful or bad smells as well as dust.

Based on "public health agency of Canada", the effectiveness of non-medical masks varies based on material, construction, fit and proper use. Some are similarly effective to medical masks if they:

  • fit well and are used properly

  • have an effective middle filter layer 

  • have multiple layers, including at least 2 layers of breathable tightly woven fabric


These kinds of face mask may help to reduce "spread of respiratory droplets from the user to others or to the surroundings.

Our product is a 3-layer disposable non-medical face mask, which is designed to help prevent spread of germs and respiratory diseases from the wearer to the surrounding environment.

The materials used in making our masks are Non- woven Fabric and Melt Blown, which are of the highest quality available. 
Non-woven fabric is fabricated by short, long fibers by thermal, chemical, mechanical or even solvent processes. These so-called fabrics can have features such as flame retardant and waterproof.
Melt blown fabric is a lightweight fabric layer in which the polymer melts through small nozzles surrounded by high-velocity blowing gas and is used in the production of masks for filtration and adsorbents.



Ammask Health North America Inc. is more than happy to provide every individuals in need of face masks with the best quality, such as but not limited to: General public, public transit, in stores, schools and universities, different industries, restaurants and etc. For collaborations and partnerships with us contact us, we’re more than happy to work with suppliers from Canada and all over the world.

For exports inquiries worldwide, please send us an email and ask for a quote!

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