In March 2020, at the same time as the outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic and due to the urgent need for the necessary equipment to prevent the widespread spread of the virus, we decided to create a production line of face masks, latex gloves, medical guns, hand sanitizers, swabs, we got a thermometer and so on. In addition to helping fight the Covid-19 epidemic, the move was a step towards protecting the health of citizens and supporting Canadian health officials in tackling the crisis, which, in addition to entrepreneurship and the use of local forces and indigenous goods, addresses existing shortages. In the above fields and reducing the country's dependence on the import of this type of goods.
Now, in the first step, we have succeeded in launching the production line of 3-layers disposable medical surgical face mask, and with the local production of this product, we have introduced it to the Canadian consumer market and the next steps are being taken to launch other production lines.